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Announcing PVRD’s 2012 Home Team Rosters

The home team rosters are always a good indicator of the season to come. So, when co-captains Pink Panzer and Celia Casket unveiled the 2012 Florence Fightin’ Gals and Quabbin Missile Crisis rosters on Feb. 13, Casket said she was particularly excited.

“There are some amazing lineups to be had on each team,” Casket said. “I think this should prove a challenging and fun home season.”

Quabbin Missile Crisis

Captain: Pink Panzer
Cali Burr
Coors Lightning
Gnome Ercy
Hothead Paisan
Legend of the Hit ‘n’ Trample
Lis Macrum
Molly Musket

Florence Fightin’ Gals

Captain: Celia Casket
Bats Hit Crazy
Bitches Bruze
Chickadee Struction
Discipline & Punisher
Hell & Degenerate
Lady Hulk
Slam Dinista
Sinister Sweetness
Courtney von Wolfe

We want to know: What do you think of the QMC and FFG matchups? Who do you think will be the breakout skaters this season? What colors will you be wearing on April 1?

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Gnome Ercy #14


Age: 27
Hometown: Sunderland
PVRD teams: WMDs and Quabbin Missile Crisis


Gnome responds in symbols when asked what best represents the derby her: <O->-< (Turn your head sideways and you’ll get it.)

If left alone on a desert island, Gnome would go for a swim. Then nap.

Her favorite weapon of destruction is an iRobot 510 PackBot. (She also has a personal home robot named Stanley.)

Like Bazooka Joe, Gnome just cocks her head when someone asks her why she plays derby. Her answer? “Why not?”

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Pink Panzer #88 (millimeter)


Age: 35
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas and Northampton, Mass.
PVRD teams: Co-Captain, WMDs, and Captain, Quabbin Missile Crisis


Isn’t it obvious what icon would best represent Pink Panzer? “Duh, a pink tank,” she says.

All Panzer’s fans want to know which came first, the hair or the name. (Panzer admits it’s the hair. It’s been pink more longer and more often than she’s been skating.)

Panzer says she should probably pick grenades or missiles or even Bazookas as her favorite weapon of destruction, but really her favorite weapons are her hips because “I’ve destroyed whole packs with them before.”

Panzer’s story of sports redemption goes a bit like this: She played soccer all of her life, but wasn’t into playing other sports… until she saw derby for the first time. Panzer decided that the sport looked awesome and decided to give it a shot herself. “And I loved it. Yeah!” she says.

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