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Git ‘R Dunn #37


Age: 27
Hometown: Lexington, Mass. and Texas
PVRD teams: WMDs and Quabbin Missile Crisis


The best way to picture Git is as a cowboy with leggings, practicing the Arkansas falling drill. During a jam, you might also hear Git yell “Move over, it’s me!”

In the movie of her life, Git would be played by an indie actress who hangs out with cool bands and is sort of a groupie (the kind who likes dumpster diving and political graffiti movements). The actress would be stranded on the island in Lost, where she would have to create a cooperative egalitarian society based on sustainability. (Git has very detailed fantasies.)

In her secret lair, you’d find modge podge, paint brushes, magazines, weird crafts, and communist and anarchist propaganda.

Git’s favorite weapons of destruction are feminism and social action.

If put on late night commercial television, Git would sell roller derby this way: It’s exhilarating! It doesn’t feel like exercise because it’s so fun but it’s such a workout and I feel great because of it! And the people are fun to hang out with.

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