As a Referee or NSO

Become a referee for Pioneer Valley Roller Derby

Are you looking for a way to be MORE fearsome than our fearsome skaters?

Step right up—we’ve got one!

Pioneer Valley Roller Derby is looking to expand its OFFICIATING CREW! That’s right, folks—you get to tell those rowdy derbs what to do and what not to do! And you get to make it really, really official with some stripes and a loud, shiny WHISTLE! (Deeply stern looks are optional, but encouraged.)

We’ll teach you how to skate if you don’t yet know, and we’ll get that roller derby rule-set into your head so you can holler at the players as they go for some (purely accidentally, of course) naughty moves! Oh, the POWER!!!!!!

And the POPULARITY!!!!!! Our officials have worked a number of different tournaments including Montreal’s Beast of the East, the East Coast Derby Extravaganza, and the WFTDA 2009 Eastern Regionals Tournament, in addition to numerous bouts, both home and away, ranging from Northern Vermont to Baltimore, Maryland.

Referees and NSOs work tirelessly to keep the game playing by the rules.

Understand: joining as a Referee is joining this league. We’ll definitely help you learn everything you need to, but you need to show up to do that! You’ll train in skating, you’ll attend practices, and you’ll train specifically in reffing, which includes studying that rule-set! (Unfortunately, despite an exhaustive search, we still don’t have one of those machines from The Matrix to inject the knowledge into your head for you.) You’ll also make a bunch of new friends, have a ton of fun, and network all around the country as this sport grows exponentially. It’s definitely a commitment . . . to something truly great.

Outside referees and white boards are used to watch the outer track boundary.

Ok, now hold the phone. Wait one second. Stop. Haaaang on. You’re NOT interested in skating, but you’re still interested in being a part of Pioneer Valley Roller Derby, and also telling skaters what to do, you say? . . . And maybe even still getting a whistle?

You STILL came to the right place!

Look into becoming part of our staff of Non-Skating Officials! We need folks to run our penalty box, to track penalties, to time periods of play, and so on. There are TONS of nerdy jobs to be filled at our bouts—are you the right nerd* to fill one? If you’re interested, let’s find a good fit for you!

For more info, get in touch with our Officiating Crew at

* A term of utmost respect—NSOs (and nerds in general) RULE! (Literally! Look at Bill Gates!) PVRD loves nerds! We ARE nerds! :)

Many hands set up and maintain the roller derby flat track.