Enjoying a Roller Derby Game

Fans with signs cheer on the teams.

It seems simple enough: show up, find a seat, and get ready to root hard for your local sports team.

While that is certainly true, here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your ticket and be an active participant in the fun and excitement of flat track roller derby:

What is Roller Derby?

Roller derby games offer something for everyone. Children especially love the big hits and falls. Sports enthusiasts find the simultaneous offensive and defensive play wonderfully strategic, and there are plenty of jumps, spins, and fancy footwork to impress any audience. Our skaters play hard and train harder but are also accessible for photos, signatures, and fan interaction after the game.

Follow your favorite team through their whole season!

Read our Derby 101 for the gameplay basics.

Chickadee Struction autographs programs for young derby fans.What to bring:

  • Camp chairs or blankets for track-side seating!
  • Your friends, family, and kids.
  • Money for snacks, beverages, wonderful Roller Derby memorabilia and halftime games. There are always delicious home baked desserts for sale.
  • A derby team shirt. (Don’t have one? Buy one at the bout!)
  • Signs supporting your favorite skater or group of skaters.
  • A pen to get skater autographs on your program or clothing.
  • Dancing shoes, if you plan to join the afterparty.

When to arrive:

At a typical Pioneer Valley Roller Derby home doubleheader, doors open at 3pm and the "first whistle" occurs at 4pm. Our home doubleheaders include two games with 30-minute periods and a halftime break, in a format similar to this:

  • Game 1, Period 1: Dirty Dozen vs. visiting men’s team
  • Game 1, Period 2: Dirty Dozen vs. visiting men’s team
  • Halftime
  • Game 2, Period 1: Western Mass Destruction vs. visiting women’s team
  • Game 2, Period 2: Western Mass Destruction vs. visiting women’s team

Order of teams subject to change.

After 8pm join our afterparty. Come hang out and grab a bite to eat with the fine folk of Pioneer Valley Roller Derby!