First Years’ Forum and Scrimmage

On September 29, 2013, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby will host a one-day clinic for skating officials in their first year of officiating at their private practice space (aka The Bunker). During this “First Years’ Forum,” MRDA official Lethe L. Ejection will lead officials through three sessions of topics, followed by a black-and-white scrimmage where they will be able to use their new skills.

In addition to classes for officials, there will be a session for skaters looking to off-skates officiate. This class, “NSOing for Skaters,” will help skaters become acquainted with the standard WFTDA stats book, learn the importance of each position, and how to effectively work each position. This class is designed for skaters wishing to learn about officiating, new NSOs, and NSOs that want to learn about another job that they perhaps haven’t done. Those not skating will have a chance to work on their NSO skills during the Black & White Scrimmage.

9:30 AM: Registration opens.
10:00-11:45: Bout Review
11:45-12:00: Snack Break
12:00-1:00PM: First year Q&A session
1:00-1:30: Lunch
1:30: Registration open for NSO class/skaters
1:30-2:00: Gear up and warm up for skating officials
2:00-3:00: On skates training for skating officials
2:00-3:00: NSOing for Skaters
2:30: Registration open for scrimmage skaters
3:00-3:30: Snack Break/Gear up for skaters
3:30-4:45: Black & White Scrimmage
4:45-5:00: Closing remarks and thanks.

On-Skates Officials: $20
NSO Class: $5
Scrimmage only: $5
NSO class and Scrimmage: $10

Anyone participating on skates (officiating or scrimmaging) will need to have supplementary insurance (WFTDA, USARS, Francis L. Dean, etc). Please bring a lunch if you are attending for the full day. There will be some granola bars and fruit, but not enough to count for a full meal.

Once registered, participants will receive an email with the Bunker address and a waiver form. Please fill out the waiver before arriving to help move registration along.

Registration has closed for this event.