Upcoming Recruitment Nights

Pioneer Valley Roller Derby is looking for new recruits!
Are you interested in becoming a skater, official, or volunteer?
Fresh Meat Night is your opportunity to strap on some skates and find out more.

We have three upcoming Fresh Meat Nights on February 5, March 5, and April 2.

All skill levels, genders, 18+ folk welcome!
We’ll teach you how to skate.
We’ll train you how to derby.

Bring your own quad skates/helmet/mouthguard/pads, if you got ’em.
Skate rentals available ($5 rental fee) and limited helmet and pad rentals available at no charge.

Find out more and register online.

After-party/meet&greet event to follow at Packard’s.
Get to know your fellow recruits. Mingle with PVRD skaters and officials.

Not 18+?
You’re looking for our Junior Roller Derby program!


Chick’s Mid-Adventure Log

We are about halfway though our trip and it continues to be an amazing derby adventure.

Let me just say that the roller derby community has been incredibly kind and generous to us. There are very special qualities that I have found in roller people. One is that they are nuts over this sport. Anyone that shares in that same enthusiasm for derby can be an instant friend. This quality has allowed perfect strangers to invite us into their homes and take care of us!

I have to ask myself whether this could happen with any other sport or interest group where two strange people are traveling around the country and welcomed with open arms to the track, hang-out spots, and skater’s homes. It blows my mind. I am ever so grateful for how flippin’ awesome the roller derby community is. So, a big giant THANK YOU to all of you that have helped us along the way so far.

The Panama City Roller Derby Gang

Here’s what has happened since the last post.

Sprints with Panama City

After our stay in Jacksonville, FL we started driving west. We made our way though the panhandle of Florida to the Panama City Roller Derby practice. We burned off the daylight hours by walking the beaches of Panama City. It was most definitely their off-season. Even big chain fast food restaurants were “closed for the season”.

We made it to practice with plenty of time to spare and meet some of the roller gals that had invited us. Unfortunately, there were a group of ladies that were sick or injured that could not make it, but that did not stop us from us having a kick-butt practice lead by Scarlett Letter Have It. Planks and sprints left my body sore for days.


PVRD’s Rugged Maniacs

The Rugged Gang

Ever have a hankering to see some of your favorite PVRD skaters jumping over fire, crawling under barbed wire, or clambering through pits of mud and water? This weekend, our few, our proud, (our possibly insane) will join other Rugged Maniacs on a 5k course in Southwick designed to test the endurance of US Marines. Cheer on Clam Jammer, Gnome Ercy, Sinister Sweetness, Cali Burr, Kerry, and Big Vinny’s Kid as they tackle a race designed to make grown men cry—and get to show those other rugged folks what derby girls are really made of.

Editor’s note: Sweetness finished in 54 min, Clam and Cali just after, Gnome and Vinny in under an hour, and Kerry in 1 hr, 23.

Gnome and Vinny Crossing the Line