Roller Derby Comes to the Pioneer Valley

11/21/06 – CBS3 Springfield

An old school sport has rolled into Western Mass in a new way. Pioneer Valley residents of all ages have teamed up for flat track roller derby, a revival of the roller derby that was popular back in the 70’s. It’s a game of using your body to pass the opposing team while skating laps around the track. About 30 male and female derby members currently come together twice a week to run drills and practice twice a week at Interskate 91 in Wilbraham. Many members say after trying roller derby once, they were hooked. "Once we saw this happening we knew that we needed to try this out. So, once I got skates on my feet and started practicing, I knew this was for me," says Jake Fahy, the owner of Pioneer Valley Roller Derby, LLC.

Pioneer Valley Roller Derby is in the process of looking for its own flat track and says once they do, they will be ready to compete with other roller derby teams nationwide.