Bout Scores

Dirty Dozen: Bout Recap and Tournament Preview

Final: (W) Dirty Dozen 191 – Death Quads 173

The Dirty Dozen’s game against the Connecticut Death Quads was a close game that came down to power plays. Our teams were very well matched as evident from the 89 to 91 halftime score. The Dozen made use of our halftime to change up the lineups and refine some strategies that were working for us.

Both teams played very similar games with pivot line strategies and good defensive play. Injuries became a factor for the Dozen with the loss of Morson early in the second period. That, followed by injury to Achmadgeddon (in his inaugural bout), had us changing lineups again. We were able to hold off the Death Quads at the end for a 191 to 173 victory.

The rematch will be this weekend at the Mohawk Cup. The Dozen and the Death Quads are playing at 1:00 pm in our first game of the tournament. We expect another tough game by our close neighbors to the south.

-Will Jettison, Dirty Dozen captain

Ed. Note: The Mohawk Valley Cup is August 17-18 at Kennedy Arena at 500 West Embargo St, Rome NY. This is the first regular season, all-male, MRDA roller derby tournament and features eight men’s teams. Spectator tickets are $10 per day or $17 for a weekend pass. The Dozen go into the tournament ranked 12th nationally in the MRDA mid-season rankings.

July 6 Bout Recap: Deeper Bench Was Too Much

Final: (L) Dirty Dozen 70 – Mass Maelstrom 327

Photo courtesy of Kimmy Kempf

The Dozen went into the Mass Maelstrom bout on July 6 at the Landry Arena in Fitchburg, Mass. with a roster of nine and without two of our jammers. Although the Dozen has often played short, the 90-degree heat was just too much on Friday. The Maelstrom played a great game which ended 327 Maelstrom to 70 Dozen.

The EMTs at the event were awesome, with ice packs and water ready for the Dozen every time we came off the track. The Dozen played three skater packs and jammed both Snidely Rinkrash and even me (Will Jettison) to give our jammers a break.

But by the second period, the Maelstrom’s deeper bench was just too much to overcome.

Even in the sweaty mess that was the Dozen’s Bench, we did have fun. Thank you to the Maelstrom for hosting us!

-Will Jettison, Dirty Dozen Captain

June 23 Bout Recap: Dozen Mixes It Up

Photo by Eric Wallis

Final: (W) Dirty Dozen 148 – Capital District Trauma Authority 114

The Capital District Trauma Authority brought a very physical game to the Dozen. Lead changes at the start of the game forced the Dozen to change up strategy. The CDTA was very good at capitalizing on power plays and using the clock to offset their short roster.

The Dozen came into the game with a new jammer rotation that put Poi Boy Slamwich on the jammer line for the first time this year. New to the Pivot rotation was Jurasskick Park and Snidely Rinkrash. The Dozen mixed things up, but the CDTA’s big defensive players kept the Dozen’s jammers held up long enough to keep the score close.

This was a fun game to watch, building to the last jam that saw slow pack movement with huge hits by both teams. Slamwich earned his name as CDTA blockers crushed him multiple times. But he kept getting back in the mix and pushing for every point.

Will Jettison, Dozen Captain

Final: (W) WMDs 217 – Petticoat Punishers 66