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2012 Derby Accolades

The 2012 Derby Accolades, selected the month before by popular vote, were presented during PVRD’s league meeting on September 24, 2012. Winners received various trophies and medals (all spray painted gold by yours truly). Congratulations to the winners in all of this year’s 62 categories!

2012 Derby Accolades

1. Worst smelling pads: Will Jettison
2. Most distracting ass on the track: Von Wolfe
3. Hottest helmet hair: Quinn
4. Loudest whistle: Lethe L. Ejection
5. Best sock accessories: Gnome Ercy
6. Most likely to have to buy the refs drinks after: Mars Travolta
7. Best hip check: Pink Panzer
8. Most likely to land you in the stands: Mongo
9. Best box etiquette: Elizabeth
10. Most vocally commanding on track: Mars Travolta


Rammy Lammy’s 5 Veggie Burger Toppings

Name: Rammy Lammy
Derby number: 999
Teams: Quabbin Missile (I just learned how to spell that word this week!) Crisis

Top 5 toppings for a veggie burger:

  1. Mushrooms and Swiss cheese
  2. Pickles and tomatoes/lettuce/mustard/ketchup
  3. Veggie bean
  4. Sriracha sauce
  5. Caramelized onions

Top 5 tropical fruits:

  1. Mangosteen
  2. Pomelo
  3. Dragonfruit
  4. Mango
  5. Lychees

My idea of a perfect derby day: lots of stretching, weaving lines, a couple of good wipeouts whilst wearing the jammer cap, and practice “leaping the zenith” (jumping the apex).

This season, my goals are to improve my latest agility, look a bit more intimidating, and block just like my excellent mentor, Lady Hulk.

Gnome’s Season for Beets

Name: Gnome Ercy
Derby number: 14
Teams: WMDs, QMC

Top 5 reasons to look forward to fall:

  1. Mt. Sugarloaf closes to vehicle traffic
  2. Cooler temperatures at the Bunker
  3. Fall camping
  4. Beets
  5. It’s almost winter!

My idea of a perfect derby day: Thursdays. Wake up, work, small dinner, practice (drills, scrimmage, retrieving my penalties from Geneva), bean tacos, sleep.

This season, my goals are to skate up a mountain with ease, hoping training for Tough Mudder and a sprint at the top will help.