Wrench #24


Age: Unknown
Hometown: Parts unknown
PVRD team: Dirty Dozen


Wrench is a skater o’ mystery, but does report that knee gaskets and Red Bull are the two things he can’t live without.

If you’re Wrench’s opponent, watch out for death, lies, and treachery.

Don’t walk into Wrench’s secret lair in the dark or you’ll stumble over piles of metal records.

Photographers should buy themselves tanks and M-16s if they plan to have Wrench on their photo shoots.

Wrench reports that he’s never met a fan, but he’s sure there would be more Wrench-groupies if he could just bring back fighting during derby bouts.

The most tacos injested by one person is the world record Wrench is aiming to break.

His favorite weapons of destruction are steel plated shoulder pads.

“No guts, no glory,” is Wrench’s derby motto.

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