Grizzly Adam #30


Age: 30
Hometown: Springfield, Mass.
PVRD team: Dirty Dozen


Grizzly likes to tell his opponents that if they’re looking the other way, he owns their ass.

In practice, Grizzly is inspired to do better by the push-pull drills.

Grizzly would promptly die if left on a desert island, which will be an interesting role for Philip Seymour Hoffman, who is lined up to play Grizzly in the movie about his life.

Grizzly stocks his secret lair with romantic comedies from the early-to-mid 90s. He also requests “a nice glass of red wine” for all of his photo shoots.

Gizzly’s favorite weapon of destruction is a sniper rifle.

If asked to sell derby on late-night television, Grizzly would use the catch-phrase: I wanted to change my life and it worked!

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