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Exciting News!

As of early 2014, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby is now a non-profit organization!

We operated for eight years as a skater-owned LLC. Our legal business structure may have changed, but our mission is still exactly the same—to foster the growth of the sport of flat track roller derby in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts and to continue to set a precedent for inclusion of everyone and anyone who wishes to play the sport.

We continue to build our sport from the ground up and teach our members how to skate and how to play flat track roller derby in a safe and supportive environment. Our athletes come from various skating backgrounds, from zero experience to skating for years, and our training curriculum builds skills, teamwork, and strategy for those who regularly attend weekly practices.

We continue to support local causes in our community, as we have done over the last eight years, through donating portions of game proceeds to organizations like the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society and the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, volunteering annually at events like the Hot Chocolate Run for Safe Passage and Monte's March, and otherwise giving back to our friends and neighbors.

Thank you everyone—our fans, local businesses, volunteers—for your support over the years. We pledge to continue working in our community and putting on great roller derby!

2014 Season Preview

Pioneer Valley Roller Derby has been training hard towards our eighth competitive season. 2014 is sure to be an exciting year as we debut many new skaters on both the Quabbin Missile Crisis and the Dirty Dozen.

Our home games this season will take place on Saturday, June 7; Sunday, July 6; Saturday, September 6; and Saturday, October 4, in Florence, MA.

Since September, we have had a steady stream of new recruits eager to learn and dive right in. Folks give their all each and every practice, and the progress they have made in such a short time has been incredible. Their positive energy is absolutely infectious and helps to buoy the entire league. Our dedicated bench coaches have been steady in their involvement in both skater and team development, setting high goals that we've risen to meet.

Quabbin Missile Crisis scrimmaged a few times in the early months of 2014 with and against a handful of other New England teams, giving much-needed on-track experience to our trainees. This season, on home turf, Quabbin will be facing off against the Bloody Bordens of Mass Attack Roller Derby, the R.I.P. Tides of Maine Roller Derby, the Beat City Bedrockers of Hartford Area Roller Derby, and Monadnock Roller Derby.

Members of the Dirty Dozen have been hard at work doing continual scrimmage self-review and are gearing up to play friends both old and new this year, including the Dow Jones Average at home on September 6. With a good mix of veterans and rookies, the Dozen are more than ready for new possibilities and challenges while remaining true to their scrappy beginnings.

Our solid officiating crew, J.A.G. Corps, has made considerable effort to ensure smart and safe gameplay on the track, including revamping tools for facilitating proper rules knowledge among league skaters, and continues to invite visiting skating and non-skating officials to PVRD's practice space for dedicated roller derby officials' practice on a monthly basis. Members of J.A.G. Corps most recently officiated at the Beach Brawl tournament in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Quabbin Missile Crisis is playing a few away games this season in addition to the home games listed above, including a repeat match against the Bloody Bordens, and games against the Rock Coast Rollers' Breakwater Blackhearts and Central Vermont Roller Derby. The Dirty Dozen is currently slated to travel to play the Quadfathers of Utica, NY and Vermont Men's Roller Derby.

We look forward to continuing to connect with our fans, friends, and supporters this year both on and off the track. Onward!

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